Graying hair, whether prematurely or timely, doesn’t go well with anyone. After all, who doesn’t want to look young? There are countless reasons as to why hair turns gray on the one hand and on the other hand, as many remedies and methods to hide those grays. Of course you can’t try all of them and some may have side effects too. 

In order to hide the grays, you don’t want to settle for anything which harms your hair and scalp in the long run. Just like a flock of sheep we go running to a hairdresser for coloring our hair that’s actually torturous to your hair. 

Instead of dipping your tresses into loads of chemicals that you know nothing about, learn about these better alternatives for hair coloring. It’s high time you switch to vegan products that are animal-cruelty-free.


Don’t think that if it’s permanent it’s also safe. Not so mindful we’d say. Permanent hair dyes cause serious damage to the hair. It’s been seen most of the time that hair turns weak causing high hair-fall and breakage. The chemicals used in permanent dyes are strong and harsh enough to even cause an allergic reaction on your scalp. Permanent hair dyes are a BIG NO for those with sensitive skin or hair. 

Vegan hair dyes are the most mindful alternative for coloring hair. Going by the name, they contain all-natural vegetable extracts which give the hair color. Their all vegan formula make them the safest hair dyes of all times! Anyone with sensitive skin or weak hair can apply vegetable dyes without fearing any risk of damage or side effects.

Unlike their chemical counterparts, vegan hair dyes are free of alcohol, ammoia, parabens, formaldehyde, PDP and peroxides. Besides, they can cure dandruff and dry scalp. They nourish the scalp promoting healthy hair growth. 

Vegan hair dyes have become a trend setter in the sphere of hair styling. They have become a stunner worldwide for they give impressive results in the gentlest way possible. If you’re thinking that being so vegan, these hair dyes will have limited color options, then you are in for another surprise. 

Vegan hair dyes offer an awesome range of both traditional and vibrant colors. From chocolate browns or burgundies to unicorn hair or blondes, the color pallet is so huge that both elderly and youngsters can color their hair as the heart desires. Vegan hair dyes leave a noticeable shine and bounce in your hair. 

Vegan hair dyes are temporary hair dyes so need a re-do every 15-20 days. No worries, they are safe to be used as often as you like. Vegan hair dyes are a mindful concept whose craze is just growing day by day. Next time you color your hair, go for a vegan, cruelty free hair color and promise your hair the true care that they deserve. Go ahead and show off your glorious crown!

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