We all fall helpless in front of some or the other hair problems that give us nightmares almost everyday. But let’s face the truth. How many times have we actually thought about finding a reason behind our hair issues?

If it’s dandruff, we are happy by just washing it off by any random shampoo. If it’s dry hair, we’d just drench them in oil and feel that we’ve done enough. And the list goes on. This type of approach has had its time and is now passé. It’s time you revolutionize your hair care with the agenda of

Tackle the root cause and not the effect.

The texture and health of your hair is directly in sync with the nutrition that’s actually reaching them. The only route is by the roots.

The hair issues basically arise when the hair is unable to draw enough nutrition by its roots present in the scalp. Now, you have an answer to most of your hair issues. Keeping your scalp healthy and clean will end 80% of hair issues and would in fact prevent new problems from cropping up. No pun intended. So, now that we have a blue print ready, let’s get into building the right foundation for those lovely tresses.


As simple as it sounds, this happens to be a majorly underrated approach when it comes to taking care of the scalp. The scalp needs regular cleansing ranging from once to twice a week. A proper cleansing would mean getting rid of all the dead skin cells, bacteria, dirt, grime and even sweat and excess oil from the surface of the scalp.

Instead of harsh shampoos and conditioners, switch over to mild, natural and chemical free formulas in hair care products. Shampoos with pH between 4.5 and 5.5 don’t usually harm the natural pH of the scalp.


Another way is to exfoliate. Scalp exfoliation has gained huge recognition among many celebrity hairstylists and experts of today. There are many ways you can exfoliate your scalp ranging from doing it at home yourself to getting it done professionally.

David Adams, co-founder and colorist of FourteenJay Salon says,

In general one hair follicle has two or more hair growing from it. When it’s clogged, the follicle shrinks and therefore, the number of hair growing from it are reduced.

Exfoliation would lift up all the dirt, grime or dead skin flakes that get settled and stuck to the scalp. In this way, all the hair follicles get unblocked so that new healthy hair may easily grow out of them. So, exfoliation directly affects hair growth and volume too.

Scalp exfoliation is a must if you have applied any hair-styling products. These hair-styling products don’t wash away easily and make hair look dull and rough even after the wash. Exfoliation would stop them from building up on the skin of the scalp restoring the health of both your scalp and hair. Exfoliation can be done easily using shampoos with built-in exfoliators or you can also use a scalp massager while using any mainstream hair shampoo.

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This is a product you want for the ultimate cleansing. A scalp massager is quite similar to hair brush and is used to massage into the scalp. It gives better result than massaging simply by your fingers. It would lift up the dirt stuck on the scalp’s surface while you shampoo your hair. The massaging also promotes blood circulation in the blood veins lying underneath the scalp’s skin. But, don’t overdo it. Rubbing the massager too hard may bruise the skin or cause itchiness.

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The skin on the scalp needs its basic nutrition such as Omega-3,6 and 9, essential lipids, proteins, vitamins and amino acids. For your convenience, we have linked the blog that was entirely about what to eat to get healthy hair. You may check it out HERE.

Then come the hair oils. Hair oils are the direct and supreme source of a complete nutrition needed for healthy hair and scalp. Apparantly, we already have a blog concerning hair oils. You may click HERE to get the best hair oil according to the type of your hair and the issues.

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Shampoos having aloe-vera extract or tea tree oil prove super effective for scalp cleansing. Tea tree is known for its anti-septic quality and removes dandruff flakes. Aloe-vera is an excellent moisturizer for the scalp which would prevent dryness and dandruff too.

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Look out for shampoos containing zinc pyrithione, selenium oxide, vitamins B6, B12, would gently exfoliate and cleanse the scalp. Go for Quinoa as an active ingredient which is a mine of essential amino acids forming the complete nutrition in itself.

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The scalp is always the exposed part of your body. This also means that it’s where the environmental damage happens most extensively. Pollution leads to more dirt and grime accumulating on the scalp. Not to forget the UV rays. They too play their part and can make scalp susceptible to infections, itchiness and can even cause skin cancer.

Hair care products with Neem extract and Hibiscus oil form an excellent environmental defense and can even reverse the damage done to the scalp and hair.

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To start with, never wash hair in hot water. Hot water drains the skin out even of its natural moisture. It’s necessary that the scalp retain its natural oils and moisture to keep the hair healthy. For once or twice a week, ditch your hair dryer. Lastly, avoid any product containing alcohol as it causes dryness of skin.

Changing times change the way you deal with the problems. But the thing that stays constant is that

Get to the root of the problem.


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  1. As an informed consumer, we can escape from the loop of waste harmful products which we apply considering them wil solve our problem… Changing era demands scientific inquisitive approach to tackle health issues and that is what this forum is doing. Great efforts…. Happy to be a part of it.

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