The season of frosts is fast-approaching and so is the time of dry and flaky skin. Beside the charm of winter lies the horror of losing the glow on the skin. The skin, not only on the face but whole body, appears lifeless. This happens because the dry winter atmosphere takes away the natural moisture from the skin. How would you prefer treating your dry skin this winter? Most of the time we tend to be preoccupied with moisturizing but greasy cold creams which are passé. We tell you that there are so many alternatives which are super trendy and more effective than those outdated cold creams. All these products are recommended by dermatologists too because of their unique compositions and efficacy. All of the suggested products are absolutely safe in their application so, freely pick one for yourself. Let’s see how you can take care of dry skin in winter.

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No sooner this product made it’s appearance in the market than it became a part of daily skincare routine of millions of users. Despite its numerous benefits, it still hasn’t caught that much attention. It’s time you bathe smart.

As the name suggests, it has to be used while you’re “in” the shower. Just when you’re done cleansing your body with a body cleanser or soap, apply an in-shower moisturizer all over your body. Now, wait for 2 minutes while it gets evenly absorbed into the skin. Rinse it off with normal water. Applying an in-shower moisturizer would give you all day long moisturized skin. It leaves your skin supple and hydrated. All this, you get without going through the hustle of applying a body lotion after a shower. Spending so much time in massaging the lotions which often give you greasy feel all over your body, can be easily warded off.


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Contrary to the belief that oils clog pores, make oily skin more oily, greasy and lead to pimples, facial oils do miracles not only on dry skin but even on oily and acne-prone skin too. But, here’s a little piece of information. You have to know what kind of skin you have and what kind of facial oil will suit it. Facial oils should only be high quality organic, cold pressed, plant and nut/seed oils for that promised cleansed and moisturized skin.

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You can also add a facial oil to your foundation or on the brush if you don’t want any dry patches to appear on your face after putting on the make up. It’ll give you really smooth and nice glowing finish.

Massage the facial oil into the skin in small circular motions after you’ve got your face cleansed properly. Oils that are of thick consistency should be applied at night and oils with lighter consistency during the day.


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  • Aloe Veda Face Massage Oil. BUY NOW
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  • Passion Indulge Eternia Facial Oil. BUY NOW


  • Plum Glow Restore Face Oil. BUY NOW
  • Positive Essential Sandalwood Oil. BUY NOW 


We made an introduction to beeswax in our previous blog. LINK BLOG So, you’d be knowing that beeswax is hygroscopic i.e. it tends to attract water. You would not want to leave out this gift of nature as far as dryness is concerned. Beeswax has been adopted as moisturizer since ages. It emolliates the skin making it smooth and glowing. It is usually available as an ingredient in a lot moisturizing creams. These creams create a waterproof barrier layer on the skin to keep it moisturized to the end of time. 

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  • La Petit Shea Butter Aloe and Beeswax Moisturising Lotion. BUY NOW
  • Savannah Bee Honey and Beeswax Body Balm. BUY NOW


This is certainly a household name. We all use soaps on daily basis and have turned a blind eye to all alternatives. In reality, soaps alter the natural pH of your skin which takes away the natural moisture of the skin. Soaps make skin drier and flaky. It’s time you start using shower gels. These are so gentle on the skin that the natural pH of the skin remains totally unaltered. Here’s a hot tip! For a max out effect and miniaturization, use transparent shower gels as they are more aqua (water) based. These shower gels would mildly cleanse the skin. Some emolliant shower gels:

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  • Pears Pure and Gentle Body Wash. BUY NOW
  • Body Cupid Wild Strawberry Shower Gel. BUY NOW

Many dermatologists suggest not using loofahs while bathing as they too make skin flaky and can also cause irritation/redness.


A Humidifier is the most underrated equipment yet essentially viable in many spheres including skincare. Humidifiers create a humid effect around you so that the skin gets constant warmth and moisture. Certain Essential oils can also be added to the water tank of these humidifiers for a more purifying or therapeutic experience. They particularly cures the dryness of nose, skin, throat and even lips. You may use it at bed time or while applying oil to your hair as hair follicles open up because of the moisture letting the hair oils work miracles on your hair.


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These were some tips on how you can take care of dry skin in winter. It doesn’t mean that these products won’t work in summer. The famous celebrity dermatologist Dr. Jaishree Sharad advocates strictly for moisturization saying that the best anti-ageing cream is a good moisturizer. Now you may not worry about losing your glow. With our tips and tricks you may shine like a summer sun in winter.


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