Time changed, people changed, world changed, but one thing remained constant – our Tea. Tea as a beverage has proved to be culturally versatile as no matter what culture you belong to, you cannot be ignorant of this beverage.

When you do something habitually, it tends to get boring with time. You may drink tea as a daily routine, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment with it. We’ll tell you how you can spice up your everyday tea drinking experience by adding a soft touch of luxury to it.

From just a casual Tea Time to a sophisticated gathering over tea, this beverage has got a lot to itself. We’ve brought you a whole world of ideas and themes so that you may be able to customize your tea routine like a PRO. After reading this, you’ll never fall short of the luxury behind every sip of your tea.


No one has ever given so much importance to tea as the Japanese. Japanese Tea Party is called Chanoyu or simply Ocha. If you want to have a theme Tea party, keep it Japanese so that it becomes a more engaging one.

Japanese are known for their exquisite kitchen ware. Japanese Tea Ceremonies, as well, are packed with the same eccentricity. We have curated the most essential ones for you.

CHASEN: A type of whisk made out of bamboo which is used for mixing matcha tea powder in water.

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CHASHAKU: A spoon made of either bamboo or ivory. It helps in taking exactly equal proportions of matcha in every cup.

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CHAWAN: It’s the most important element as it is the tea bowl. Yeah, the Japanese drink their tea in tea bowls not cups.

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These 3 essential items would set up the perfect Japanese aura on the table for you. Sip in your matcha and sense the Japanese culture taking control of you. Japanese theme is all about authenticity, ingenuity and simplicity.

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The choice of table cloth may be restricted only to some simple fine fabric with pastel hues and less patterns. Keep the décor as simple as possible. The sweets can be served in a bowl or platter along with small plates placed on the table for each guest.


Moroccan tea is more of a street style tea. The tea ware is usually hand printed glasses with silver handcrafted tea pot. The glasses come in lot of beautiful colors and designs. You’ll definitely get the taste of exotic luxury while pouring freshly brewed tea from the long spouted silver tea pot into these handy glasses.

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You can really go freestyle with Moroccan theme, whether you place a table cloth with bold patterns or with a crosshatched pattern. This theme gives you the opportunity to go with the flow.  The flash of colors on the table ensures a cheerful experience in every sip.


British transformed the way world looked at tea. They made it a way of socializing or even celibacy. The English Tea is mainly an afternoon affair when you’re done with your lunch, around 4 pm or so.

British Tea Sets are famous for their light colors and intricate floral prints. When it comes to English Tea, it’s the details what matter the most! The classic Victorian Age tea sets are made of porcelain which doesn’t affect the taste of the tea inside. Porcelain is delicate and boosts of royalty. English tea sets are like a romance with the classics. It’s everything that one can dream of in a tea party.

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The British make the tiered stand the center piece of the table. It’s quite useful to keep all the cookies, chocolates and of course the Cake on the top will give a magnificence to the tablescape.

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The table cloth should also display subtle colors with minimal patterns on it. Keep away the usual plastic materials and lacy designs. Table cloths with soft fabric and solid colors are enough to spruce it up.


Tea is really a significant part of Russian culture. Since the Soviet times, the Russians have enjoyed their tea in both Porcelain cups and Crystal glasses. Often the glasses are combined with a metal glass holder which displays the authentic Russian toughness and supremacy.


Russians like their tea hot and freshly brewed. Traditionally, the Russians brew their tea in a brewing device known as a Samovar. So, the best you can do is prepare a loose leaf tea in a tea pot specially designed for it. Such tea pots come with a stainless steel tea infusers in which the dried tea leaves are kept and allowed to infuse the flavor in the steaming hot water.

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With the perfect tea cups and freshly brewed tea, you won’t need a passport to be a part of Russian Tea Ceremony.

The Porcelain tea cups would have elaborate prints with bright colors. Cross-hatched patterns are very common traditional Russian designs.

You may choose simple table cloth in beige or off-white colors. These shades would naturally get aligned with the porcelain placed on it.

If in case you have the crystal glasses with metal glass holders as your tea ware, you may exclude a table cloth altogether. The pretty and natural texture of your wooden furniture would give the needed strength to your setup.


These were the few themes which would add a great deal of fun and ambiance to your little Tea Soirée. So, go ahead and plan your own customized Tea Ceremony. You can buy the products by simply clicking the “BUY NOW” link. We hope that hosting a luxurious thematic Tea Party at home is now everyone’s cup of tea.

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