Who likes unwanted guest? And if excess fat be that unwanted guest, it’s even more distressing! By the way, guests are temporary so why do you let excess fat own your body? When you let this happen, it’s the beginning of a complete physical and mental torture. So, today let’s talk elaborately about fat or weight loss.

First of all, there are no shortcuts. You’ll have to work on losing weight. But don’t worry, we’ll tell you how. It all begins with a lifestyle change. If you’re really someone who wants success in his/her life, you have to know that

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

So, brush aside all the lame excuses of time crunch, workload in the office, late night sleeping routine, etc. etc.


As and when you get up from your bed drink at least 1-1.5 l of water. If you want you can choose drinking the same amount of lukewarm water too. In no time, your body will be devoid of all the toxins and be completely cleansed from the inside. Make it your everyday ritual.

After freshening up, take a cup of Green Tea and not your regular sweet milk tea. Green Tea speeds up body metabolism increasing energy expenditure by up to 4% and selective fat burning by up to 17%. Another option is to add some lemon and honey to lukewarm water. Both do exactly the same work. You might still think that your weight hardly matters in your life. We give you some facts. Controlled body weight helps in –

  1. maintaining healthy routine
  2. increasing productivity
  3. improves our health
  4. improves immunity
  5. increases concentration.

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After you’re done with your morning green tea or lemon-honey solution, try to get some quality sunlight for good 10-15 minutes. Vitamin D from the sun rays makes our bones strong. By early morning we don’t mean only at 5 or 6 a.m. for you can easily get a quality sun light till 9-10 a.m. This leaves little space for excuses. You don’t have to skip your breakfast as this is the most important meal if you’re wishing to lose weight. This is because, after a heavy breakfast we do not usually sit in our chairs or couches. Rather, we get going on our respective works. Hence, breakfast is easily digested by the body.

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  1. Watch your calories: Do not eat blindly if you want to lose weight. Count your carbs and fats in every product that you eat for a week. Restrict from taking more fats and carbs because they are the main sources which make you fat.
  2. Eat more proteins: Proteins build up your body in the needed proportions. unlike carbs and fats, proteins don’t accumulate at few places. Instead, they help you maintain a good physique altogether.
  3. Drink more water: It keeps your metabolism active and helps you stay fresh, energetic and hydrated.
  4. Eat slow: Eat without disturbances. Do not watch T.V., laptops, phones while eating. You should always eat slow without talking. If you really need some entertainment, you can play some nice music.
  5. Less stress, More success: Stay stress free. This will help not only in losing extra weight, but will also increase your productivity in every field.
  6. Limit sugar and refined carbs: Sugar kills body metabolism and increases body fat and weight. Our body requires a small amount of sugar per day. If you ever have a sugar rush, go for a spoonful of honey or some dates. All fruits have natural sugar, so opt them rather than the refined sugar.
  7. Dairy and nuts: Nuts are rich in protein, dietary fibers and healthy nano- and poly-unsaturated fatty acids. Therefore, nuts are satiating foods that help you suppress your appetite.

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Finally, we’ll suggest you take up some kind of physical activity. Whether you go for workout in the park or gym, or do yoga on your terrace or skip a rope or do crunches and planks inside your house, anything would suffice.

One thing you should keep a note of is that exercise or any aerobic activity on empty stomach fetch far better results for weight loss. Those who lift weights in the gym or at home must do your cardio workout AFTER your weight training. Don’t do it in the starting. This is because our body is at the fasting stage or empty stomach stage after the weight training session as all the carbs (glucose) are used up.

Also, if someone is not able to exercise in the morning can do so in the evening. But, be consistent. Your body doesn’t demand as much as you might be thinking. You only got to be a little more observant of your habits. Little changes can produce magnificent effect in toning up your beautiful body.



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