Energy drinks have gained much significance in the fitness world of late! Of course they sound fancy and taste good, but also harm our bodies in the long run. Imagine, you plan for a long drive and make all your arrangements around a week in advance. When the day of departure comes, you are all set to go. In the middle of the journey, you see the fuel meter going crazy and you notice that there was a leak in your fuel tank. A bummer! What is the feeling? Won’t you freak out on yourself that you forgot to take your car for a servicing beforehand?

Similar feeling would come if you are pursuing your fitness goals but, making some wrong choices which would affect negatively and may slow down your progress. We are today, going to debunk some Intra-Workout Myths which especially concern Energy Drinks

According to Wikipedia, an energy drink is a type of drink containing stimulant drugs, mainly caffeine, which is said to be providing mental and physical stimulation. Other than caffeine, energy drinks also contain added sugar and sweetners. 


There are 2 things happening simultaneously when you consume such drinks during your physical activity. Lets know them one by one. 


When we are working out, our natural growth hormone (emerges from pituitary gland) is at its peak; the first we get when we are in a deep sleep. So, intake of sugary drinks at this time spike our insulin level while the growth hormone descends. In this way, we are actually wasting our natural growth hormone which is very essential for our overall physique. 


To understand the second situation, we must understand what happens to our body during any physical activity. 
Our internal mechanism functions on a survival basis. When we are indulged in any physical activity, the blood flows to that part of our body which is being brought into use the most. In simple terms, if you’re working on your back, the blood is rushing to the back area; if you’re putting your shoulders to the test, blood flow is maximum in your shoulders. Blood brings nutrients and oxygen to these respective parts. Your body will use whole of its energy to  flow the blood towards the respective body part. Therefore, at this time there is very less blood present around the digestive tract. 
Now we come to our point! If, at this moment, you consume sugary energy drinks, those sugars won’t get digested till the time you have finished your workout. The drink will be present in the stomach as it is because at the time of workout, the digestive system stays shut down. Hence, all those sugars will be digested by our body when we are done with our workout. The bad calories you thought you got rid of, have returned. The workout is a waste. Was that energy drink worth drinking then? 


Moreover, anything we consume during the workout must be light in consistency. You do not want your stomach to be bloated giving you a sense of fullness that ruins the essence of physical exertion. 


 A good amount of pure water will be the first and last associate in your intense workout. This may sound little downmarket/ inferior/ plain, but its all that your draining body requires. 
  • Water is easy to adjust in our body
  • It is light in consistency
  • Makes us hydrated, fresh and energetic
  • Cools down the temperature and injects oxygen in our body. 

Water, for its marvelous potential, has been underrated much nowadays.


When your body is being flushed out of energy and you wish to have something more than just water, Kokosa comes to the rescue. We mean to say Cocotero; no, Mosara; no, Pol; no, Agbon. We haven’t gone insane but talking about Coconut (Narial). Its a very refreshing drink and has better mineral composition as well. To count a few, it has – 
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Electrolyte Potassium 
  • Amino acids
  • Cytokine 
  • Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
 All these nutrients make this liquid the best natural source to counter dehydration during your workout. 
These liquids come easy on pockets but are rich in nutrients. Trust us, your body doesn’t need more than this. Often, the advertisements of energy drinks feature increased muscle strength and endurance, but, there’s little or no scientific evidence explaining how or why this happens. 
So, this was our take on Intra-workout consumption plan. We hope that through this blog we could break some myths related to everyday fitness. Do tell us if you found it useful or not. Next we’ll be coming out with a well documented post-workout meal plan. 
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