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This blog is special. You know why? ‘Coz, we are about to reveal a secret today. A secret which only a handful of people would be knowing. But, before coming to that, we’d like to ask you – 

  • Do you wake up feeling tired even after an 8 hours sleep?
  • Do you experience frequent headaches?
  • Do you get easily upset and feel moody?
  • Do you have puffy eyes (swelling under the eyes)?
  • Do you experience strong sugar cravings?
  • Do you want a remedy which can solve all these problems?

No, we’re not joking and you’re not dreaming! After you’d have heard all about this remedy, you’ll find that this thing speaks for itself. If you answered even one question in affirmative, you need to read further. Now, be honest and calculate how much time you devote towards relaxing! Complete relaxing means when you don’t do anything; when you do not even think of anything. Difficult to answer, isn’t it? Also, its practically too difficult to be done. 

Bura jo dekhan main chala, bura naa mileya koye;
Jo mann khoja apnaa, to mujhse bura naa koye.
(I went in search of evil, but the evil I couldn’t find,
When I searched my own mind, there was no one worse than me.)

Above are the lines from the Dohas written by Sant Kabir. The message is clear; you can’t blame others when you are the reason of your own problems. When your mind is detoxified off stress, fear, anxieties, fatigue, restlessness, etc. , your body follows suit. It’s not always about mind either. Our body draws toxins from almost everywhere. There are toxins that we don’t even care about.Toxins such as Genetically modified foods, Omega-6 fatty acids in oils, Pesticides and Herbicides in conventionally grown produce and grain, etc.

These toxins build up in our body because of which we feel uneasiness. Sometimes the effects are fatal too. Our body does have a detoxifying system which includes Liver and Kidneys. But, this efficiency is outstripped by the amount of toxins we take in nowadays. Guess what! Cigarette smoking is the major intoxicant. 


Fighting all these toxins was never so easy. THE RED TEA DETOX, as it is called, has recently come to light. The story behind the discovery of this tea is hair-raising itself. The discovery is the result of a lady’s adventurous trip to African jungle where she gets bitten by a venomous snake, regains consciousness among an African tribe who offer her an exotic beverage which helps her in a sooner recovery. She gets obsessed by the beverage and the effects that it had on her body as now she not only feels healthy but a lot more energetic. In her quest to find the recipe of that magical beverage, she trails mile to visit the village Shaman. 

She is so obsessed with this exquisite drink that she risks her life for it. She is faced by death twice only to bring back a recipe which was hitherto a secret of an African tribe for centuries! Whatever entails will change her life and many more forever. She is none other than an American practitioner of Naturopathy Liz Swann Miller. She specializes in healing through nutrition. She claims to have researched about the scientific truth behind this Red Tea recipe for several months. It came out that all the 5 ingredients worked in harmony to detoxify our body and cleanse fat away in just a short spell of 14 days. 

These 5 ingredients are 5 herbs which can be found at any grocery store for pennies. Just blend these herbs in the prescribed specific portions and all you wanna do is sip in your RED TEA. 


If you think just by checking your eating habits you’ll shed your excess fat off your body, well, you need to rethink now! University of Florida found that stress brings the fat-burning enzymes to a stand-still which contributes to hunger cravings, ultimately leading us to gain more weight and toxins. 

Body detox runs in tune with the digestive system. The Red Tea increases the amounts of various enzymes in the digestive tract. It helps clearing food faster. This is critical to detoxifying body the right way! 

We usually equalize Herbal with Distasteful. But, to your surprise, the Red Tea is so delicious that you would never get bored of it. Also, it can be enjoyed in number of tasty ways – hot or iced, as a smoothie or in your favorite protein drink, or as a slushy. Mouth watering, isn’t it?


Consumption of Red Tea makes your breathing a lot easier ensuring higher Oxygen levels in your body. It pumps you up so that you stay refreshed all day long. The revamped metabolism rate offers you better sleep at night and you wake up replenished. This Red Tea calms your senses pulling down anxieties and stress. 

It works against diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels. There are less chances of heart failures, stroke, cancer, to name a few. All these conditions are associated with our urban lifestyle. 

Apart from this, if you are a person who tends to/have to sometimes miss a meal or two in a day, you must get your hands on this Tea! It nullifies hunger cravings and also compensates for the lost meal. It maintains a balance between blood sugar levels and insulin resistance. 

If you’re someone who has just lost kg’s by a lot of hard work, you may be getting severe hunger cravings. It’s quite normal to expect from a body which has gone through a drastic lifestyle change. The Red Tea boasts of alleviating such hunger cravings and gives you a sense of fullness without you having eaten anything.  

In a nutshell, this Red Tea is certainly a boon for humankind. 


THE RED TEA DETOX recipe is shaking the status quo. It has completely altered the ways of detoxifying body. Believe us, this product is selling like hot cakes!! 
Now that you’ve got to know about the Red Tea, you must be wondering where to buy it from! So, for your comfort, we are providing you with the link from where you’ll get the best deal on the Red Tea Detox.  

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