How many of you think that looking beautiful and being flawless is quite much the same thing? 

Now we want you to pay attention to the two words that we used in the above question – “looking” and “being”. May be now you are able to figure out the point which we are just about to make. 
“LOOKING” implies more of an outward appearance while “BEING” has connotations of natural wellness that comes from within. This is where Luxury comes to the fore. Luxury doesn’t deal with “LOOKING” beautiful rather, it conforms to the notion of “BEING” beautiful. 
But this approach demands bit of a wisdom and self-realization. You also have to understand that you can’t exert the desire of being flawless upon yourself. In that way, you do more harm than good. Having said that, we would like to come to our real purpose. 
Everyday life is a fight, even for your skin. The skin, as it is the most exposed part of your body, has to fight all sorts of battles. It battles with temperatures, sun rays, dust, pollution and what not. Ironically, it is ignored awfully. So our luxury approach begins with REPAIR. 
What else could be a better way than first deciding to eradicate your existing problems? 
As a matter of fact, our skin does have a repair system. The skin cells die and rejuvenate on their own. However, when the skin, especially facial skin, is exposed to harmful factors, there is an imbalance caused in the natural repair system. As a result, there are more dead cells as compared to the living ones. This is where the problems arise. 
These dead cells make our skin look dull. The texture of the skin turns rough and scaly. Also, these dead cells enter and accumulate in the skin pores, subsequently clogging them. This gives rise to acne problems and ultimately spots and blemishes. 
Now that you’ve understood the root cause, we may proceed to the remedies. 


In a bowl mix milk with mashed papaya or mashed banana to form a paste. Apply the mask on your face and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. After that, wash it off with a clean and soft towel. 


  • This mask will leave your skin hydrated, fresh and clean. Fruits like papaya or banana carry VITAMIN A which helps maintain soft and healthy skin. 
  • Milk, of course, is rich in lactic acid which will give new life to your skin. 
  • Apart from that, milk is also an exfoliating agent. This means that it helps removing dead skin cells from the surface of your face.
  • Like papaya and banana, milk also contains VITAMIN A.

It is advised to apply this mask before taking a shower. The goodness of the natural ingredients will penetrate to the deepest layer of your skin. Lock this hydration in by applying a moisturizer to your face. 

That’s it. You get soft skin like a baby.
A similar mask can be prepared with milk, honey and sugar, where adding sugar makes it a scrub. This mixture can be applied on to your lips. It works magic on chapped lips with peeling skin. No matter how chic you look, most of the attention is dragged towards them. Another great quality of this mask is that, the honey helps bring out the pinkish hue of your lips which gets hidden underneath the dead skin layer. 
We hope that with this blog, we could address some of your existing skin issues. Stay subscribed for more remedial information. Till then, try out today’s remedy and tell us how it benefited you. For updates follow us on Instagram @ .

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